Meet the cast!


Main, main, main character.

She is smart, friendly and sweet, the whole family is very proud of her. "Adorable" should be her midle name. Likes to learn and helps everyone with a heart full of love.


Best cat ever.

The family belongs to him, not the other way around, always with an attitude, sarcastic, snarky and cool, cares for no one but Becca.


Becca's older brother.

Full of imagination, too much sometimes, lazy as Moss, wants to be a filmmaker one day, or maybe the second day. Knows nothing about sports and gives a heck about it.


He's a nice old guy.

In charge of his two grandchildren, a black cat, a clueless weird guardian angel, and a dude that looks like a skeleton. Always do his best.


His name is "Angel", for real.

Designated guardian angel for Becca and Brandon, no one knows his age, or from where did he come from, not even himself. Full of stories, memories and surprises.


Yes, he's a skeleton.

Angel's brother, same as Santa. Not to be mistaken with the Grim Reaper; this one loves life and peace, likes to spend time with the family. Creepy but nice.