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A few years back, I decided to move my animation and modeling skills a little further, like, getting myself out of my comfort zone, then, I decided to teach myself MAYA!

Yes, Maya, the one and only software made to create astounding 3D images, used on several blockbusters to create amazing characters and special effects, that one.

Gladly, you can find that software for free, a limited edition, but good enough to learn, then, after installing, I was ready to navigate the unknown! It was not difficult, nowadays, you can find EVERYTHING about something you're interested in, so, with plenty of tutorials, I spent 3 months doing it, here, the final product.


Not a secret that my skills on watercolor are really... primitve. After I graduated from college, never ever touched another brush in my life, not proud of it, but truth to my reality.

Well, as always, time always catches up, and now it was the time to do it, but how? I barely remember my arts teacher telling me about materials and techniques, didn't even remember the brands to get a decent cardboard to do it! But, I have internet! Yes!

Nice thing about the web? You can find everything right there, no excuses, now you can learn, at your own speed, on your own time, fantastic!

First things first? Materials!!


As I said before, I paused this comic strip for different reasons. One of them? Time! Yes, time. No time to cover all the creation/production of something so delicated and funny.

My wife was always asking me about the chance and opportunity of making more strips, she was my first fan since day one, I mean, We loved what I was doing! Who wouldn't? Creating something like this is compeling and healing, in a world where everybody hates everybody, finding a place to bring fun was always gratifying and really enjoyable.

Finally, the time came. I was able to get a new work station, you know, a new Wacom tablet plugged to a desktop computer, now, in the middle of a pandemic, I was upgrading my shop to 2 workstations, that was awesome!

That was the technical part, now it comes the teaching part, wife wants to be part of it, so be it. She's learning Photoshop, shading, lighting and such, you know, the part that makes my strip to look shinny and cool, and we love it!

A lot to cover, a lot of new ideas, a lot of past mistakes to be fixed, a whole new adventure awaits, hope you come along to enjoy it. In the process, I found a lot of memories about my late dad, as you know, he's my inspiration for Grandpa Felix, that was a really cool thing that just happened opening folders and recovering back ups.


Nope, not HIS idea, but MY idea about creating a guardian angel named "Angel".

It all started long time ago, when I was a kid, attending catholic school, I was told about guardian angels and how they take care of us, spy on us, and are always with us, like, in a really boring way of following someone all the time.

Well, I used to wonder about mine, what about his name? Does he/she have a name? How should I call him/her? Male? Female?

So many questions, where to start? Well, let's see if finding a name was a good idea, after all, I mean, how to know if it is my guardian angel and not just my imaginary friend playing jokes on me?

Is it tall? Fat? Skinny? No way to know, I was told all guardian angels were white (Yes, I was questioning that also, after all ,If you didn't know, we are proud latinos) but, how could it be? My elders used to tell me about how good people die and go to heaven, and after Jesus's judging, they become guardian angels to spent the rest of eternity watching EVERYTHING about one single person, yikes!(did I mention about the boring part?)

My father used to say: "He thinks too much, He's becoming insane" and I was afraid of that too! I wanted, and still want,to keep my mind as sharp as possible, that's why I decided to call my guardian angel, just, "Angel." Do you have one? I mean, a guardian angel? If you have one, you call it by name? Or just "angel"?

And here I am, 40 years later, still with no name available, but happy to have this character on board, he's the connection between reality and fantasy, after all, we all have that part inside us wishing all our fantasies and dreams are true, and, why not?



This is a dream come true, as you know, I left this comic strip incomplete a few years ago, for different complicated reasons.

Now, with my wife's help, (she's the one responsible for shadows and color) I can resume my job as a family oriented comic book creator.

Hope you enjoy Becca's journey, I do believe the family years are a really important part of our own history, this one is full of joy, fun and development.


Posting this for no reason, just to show you how proud I am about it, yes, I've accomplished several great things in my life.


I love to give my clients to feel the joy and excitement of seeing their ideas coming real. Yes, It is commissions time.

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