Meet the creators!


Illustrator / Writer.

His early sketchbooks were always full of ideas, strokes, and thousands of drawings.

After spending 3 years touring as a member of the musical boyband group "La Pandilla", becoming a musical producer was the logical thing to do.

He produced way over 40 different musical albums.

Always looking for a new challenge, thanks to UNICEF and DISNEY he became a 2D animator, learning from Leon Joosen (The little mermaid) and Edgar Cevallos (Maximo) his days as character animator were filled with joy and knowledge.

Earned his Graphic Design and Advertisement diploma in 2007.

MOSS & BECCA is his very own place to leave a piece of himself, along with his beloved characters, inspired most of the time on his own family.


Shadows / Color.

Maria is the best jewelry designer in Charlotte, North Carolina.

She owns Designs by Mia, the biggest store full of unique hand made upcycled material jewels in the east coast.

She fabricates all of her pieces by hand, winning awards everywhere.

Her smile and charisma are trademarked.

You can find her amazing jewelry collections clicking the button.